What Is Skinny Clip™


Skinny Clip™ is a simple device for tightening the waistband of pants, jeans, slacks and skirts without the use of a belt.

Skinny Clip™ tightens your waistband temporarily without alteration.

Skinny Clip™ comprises of a waistband slot and a crank arm that doubles as a clip.

Simply slide Skinny Clip™ onto your waistband, crank and clip.

Skinny Clip™ is American invented and 100% American made.

Skinny Clip™ is Patent Pending and Trademark Pending.


Who Needs Skinny Clip™


I hate wearing belts and most of my pants do not fit well, so Skinny Clip™ was invented out of necessity.

If my family, friends, and people I meet are any measure, everyone wants and needs Skinny Clip™!


Contact us here: info@skinnyclip.com