An Invention So Simple You Will Scream, "Why Didn't I Think Of That!"



Like most inventors, I have a high opinion of my invention, I think it's great. My friends and family thinks it's great too. I am not a marketing specialist and I don't claim to have special powers of intuition, so I had no idea what my customers thought until I asked.


In my wildest dreams I would not expect all the feedback to come back positive, but that's what happened. Below are most of the emails from my first round of feedback. They are copied and pasted directly from the emails.


I know they sound too good to be true, so I am going to post a screen-shot from the actual email.


Customer Testimonials


I was very happily surprised. These things WORK! Quite honestly, I had my doubts, but now that I have used them, I’ve gained back my confidence that I can walk from the front of Wal-Mart to the back without losing my pants. Thank you VERY much. Your invention is simple, yet ingenious.


David M.


screen-shot from original email (coming soon)

The Skinny clip has been wonderful for my daughter (age 11). She is tall and lean and growing quickly. Pants that fit in the waist are too short, pants with the proper length are too wide and fall down. My daughter now uses the Skinny Clip on a number of her pants and does it herself. They work best on her Yoga Pants but she has also used them with jeans and leggings.


Tricia T, a thankful mom


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After loosing 25 pounds I needed to reduce the waist size on my pants. Altering 20 pairs of pants is expensive, and might need to be undone if I regained the weight. So, I looked for - and found - a great solution to keep my pants up while waiting to see if I would keep the weight off.


A year later the weight is still off. The "skinny clip" has been a great tool that has helped me dress neatly and save money. I attach the clip to my waistband right behind my mobile phone. Apparently it's invisible because no one has ever asked me about the clip.


As old slacks wear out I'll replace them with ones of a smaller waist size. If I keep the weight off another six months to a year I'll have my pants altered. In the meantime, this has been a much appreciated solution to a problem many of us have from time to time.


Thanks Harold. 


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Dear Harold,


I purchased your Cranky Pants device and think its a fantastic product. I was looking for something like that on Google and there it was! Exactly like I needed! 


Thanks so much for your invention.


Melissa E.


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The Skinny Clip is a positively ingenious invention, and I can't say enough good things about it.  It seems so simple, and yet it's totally revolutionary because I can adjust the waistband of my jeans without wearing an uncomfortable belt with a bulky buckle showing underneath my shirt.  No more sagging pants in the rear end, and no more hiking my pants up all the time so that the pants fit my figure in just the right way.  With the Skinny Clip I can adjust each pair exactly the way I want. 


Additionally, for those women who wear pants most or all of the time, the Skinny Clip is perfect because you don't need to fasten/unfasten a belt every time you go to the restroom, or to try on clothes when you are shopping.   It takes two seconds to put on and take off -- just slip it on, twist, and clip over the waistband -- less time than it takes to check the mirror and see how great it makes you look.  


That is why I, and the women I have spoken to, like the Skinny Clip -- it keeps our pants tights around the butt and cinched at the waist; so we don't have to keep pulling them up, without a troublesome belt . I'm sure it's just as great for men who want their pants to stay up but don't like belts.


As a final benefit, the Skinny Clip is extremely durable.  I have inadvertently left it on my jeans when they went through the washer and dryer, and it was still on -- tight as ever -- when I folded the jeans back up.  


Here's a quote you can use, "check the mirror to see how great it makes your rear look." 


Noel M.


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My weight fluctuates a lot, and I can't afford to buy all different sizes all the time. So thanks for the great product!




screen-shot from original email (coming soon)


I’m still using the skinny clips, although I sometimes also use a belt just for show. They’re GREAT on jeans, where belts are usually optional. I don’t know what material these clips are made of, but it’s TOUGH. I ordered four pair, but I’m still working on the first ones.


David M.


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Yes, it was a great product.  When I was losing weight fast,  I needed something to hold my pants from falling or bunching up around my waist with my belt.  I didn't have the money to buy new pants at the time, so the clips were very helpful to buying me enough time to lose more weight so I could fit in my older pants again. 


When I first got the clips in the mail, I didn't know how it worked.  The instructions were clear and it offered other ways of working the clip.  Through trial and error I found the most comfortable way of wrapping it.  If there would be a ongoing problem that kept showing up was where to put the clip on the waistline of the pants as I'd have to move the clip for optimal twisting.   But I got used to it over time and it became habit to know where to put it. 


I no longer use the clips because I gained all the weight I lost, but it was a great tool for me to help get by when I didn't have money to pay for smaller size pants.  It was affordable, perhaps the most affordable thing I could find to help me with my pants being to large.  I couldn't find anything else on the internet, I was very thankful to find your product, and was very easy to buy through Amazon.


Great product!  I was very satisfied with it. 





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I think the skinny clip is a great product.  I watch many women hauling up their pants and can only imagine how uncomfortable they must be. I know how uncomfortable I was – especially those pants that don’t have belt loops – and many pants don’t have nowadays.

The best thing I like is getting the five pack.  Sometimes you know a particular pair is going to give you a problem so I put the clip on before I leave.  Other times, I’ve forgotten – or the pants feel good in the morning, but are all stretched out later in the day.  Well now I carry a couple in my purse for those particular times.
Quite honestly I just love the product! 


Dawn B.


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Skinny Clip™ Reseller

Limited Time Offer!

Skinny Clip™ is being offered on a limited basis, we are on the ground level of the product launch. We've manufactured 5,000 units and if they sell well, we will make a bigger batch and see if they sell out. It is possible that only one or two batches will be made, so we recommend you get one while you can. One thing for sure is that Skinny Clip™ works great, I know that because people who own them, use them daily. And that means a lot for a new invention!!

Lose Weight, Keep Your Pants

Anyone who has lost a lot of weight knows that most of their old pants are unwearable because of the discomfort caused by the extra slack in the waistband. Wearing a belt is extremely uncomfortable when your pants are 4 sizes too big. Skinny Clip™ neatly rolls up all the extra slack, making your favorite blue jeans comfortable again. Each Skinny Clip™ reduce your waistband by 2 and 5 inches. The more you twist the tighter your pants or skirt gets.

100% American Made

When we started this project, we thought of course we'll make this in America, why not? Boy were we surprised to find most American injector molders do not want to work with inventors. And if you find one to work with, chances are they make their molds in China and more than likely, they manufacture their parts in China as well. Our molds were designed and manufactured in the USA. and every Skinny Clip™ is made and packaged in the USA!!